June 9th, 2012

New idea for a storyyy

Date: 3 May 2012 (Haha I’ve been saving this for a rainy day)
Characters: Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus
Point of View: Agnetha Fältskog's
Genre: dirty
Date in story: 5 March 1977 (During ABBA World Tour; currently, the group is in Melbourne, Australia.)
So, Agnetha and Björn are cooped up in their hotel room with nothing to do. Obviously, they have not thought of the number one most fun thing to do when it’s just you, your better half, and no one else. Ha, it’s pretty bad when that thought does not come naturally in a relationship anymore. At least Björn was the one to think it up before Agnetha locked herself in the bathroom again. (and what was she doing in there, ALONE, for two hours in the first place? (Haha true story; I've read it in the "Bright Lights, Dark Shadows" biography about ABBA by Carl Magnus Palm))
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