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Title: A Problem Frida?
Characters: ABBA
Pairing: none
Rating: R SEX SEX SEX no i'm kidding PG-13
Summary: its about ABBA
Warning: nothing bad but if your squimish maybe not for you


Dancing queen had just finished. bubbles was coming down from the roof. Fireworks been shot from the stage. Frida smiled at her band mates, she was happy for them, but couldn't help feeling so sick. Benny looked at her and smiled. She smiled weakly back. Benny looked worried. Everything became black as she began to faint. Benny quickly caught her, he lifted her in his arms, and ran her off stage. Agnetha ran off too leaving Bjorn on stage by himself. Bjorn looked round confused. Then ran off too.


“Are you OK?” a worried Benny asked Frida who was half concious and half not. Frida groaned and sat up from the sofa in the main dressing room. “I feel really sick” Frida said putting her hand over her mouth. The manger of the venue puts his head in though the door. “someone needs to get out on stage guys!” he said. “You guys go and I'll stay her with Frida” Agnetha said putting her palm on her friends forehead. The boys nodded and ran off to greet the crowd. “What's wrong with you Frida? You were fine a second ago” Agnetha asked confused. Frida sat up and looked at her friend. “I went to the doctor today-” she began but then got cut off by a hysterical Agnetha “Oh My God! Your dying! No. my friend can't die!” She said bursting into tears and throwing her arms around Frida. “for god sake! Agnetha pull your self together!.......I'm not dying!” Frida said laughing. Agnetha pulled away. “Oh so what is it then?” Agnetha asked demanding an answer! “If you let me finished I would have said. I'm having a baby” Frida admitted. Agnetha had a big grin across her face. “Oh My God!” She screamed. Frida stood up swerved as she was still dizzy. “Whoa Whoa whoa! No one knows so keep it to yourself. The last thing I want is Benny finding out. He doesn't need this” She said sitting back down. “But when you get BIG I think he's going to figure it out. He isn't stupid” Agnetha said sitting down next to her. “I'm going to tell him when I'm ready!” Frida said putting her spinning head in her hands.


That night


Frida and Benny were asleep. Benny was cuddling her. She was using his chest as a pillow. She liked using his chest as a pillow because she could pick up his sent. He always smelled so sweetly. But that night she woke. She took in his sent. It made her gag she ran to the joining bathroom, that joined with Agnetha and Bjorn's room, with her hand over her mouth she was sick down the toilet. Benny woke. He ran to the bathroom seeing the woman he loved being sick. “Frida!?!” He cried as he ran to her side and held back her beautiful red hair. She keeled up from the toilet and wiped her mouth and flushed the toilet. She sat with her back against the wall. Agnetha and Bjorn opened the joining door. Agnetha quickly ran to her friend. “I heard you being sick are you alright?” She asked worried. “Yeah I think it was the chicken I ate for dinner” She said resting her head in her hands. “But you didn't eat any of it.....I did” Bjorn said. “ I think I better take you to see a doctor” Benny said helping her too her feet. “No. I'm fine” She insisted “How about we swap rooms, the boys go into mine and Bjorn's room and the girls go in Frida's room, This way I can look after Frida and she can poke me or something if she feels sick at all OK?” Agnetha suggested They all looked at each other “I like it” Frida said resting her head on Benny's shoulder “OK then it's settled” Bjorn said.



Frida and Agnetha. Slept soundly. Frida woke up the next morning not feeling 100%. Agnetha had already gone to breakfast. Frida got dressed, in a red lass vest shirt and jeans, and headed to find them. She found them having breakfast in the restraint. She sat down. “How you feeling?” Benny said giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Not bad, not good” she said rubbing her stomach. Bjorn looked up from his plate and his eyes went wide. “Um.....Frida, your um, breasts are bigger....slightly” He said then looking back at his breakfast. Agnetha looked shocked and kicked him under the table. “Excuse you!” She said annoyed. “Sorry but look!” Bjorn said pointing to Frida's chest. “Its true. Your bigger!” Benny said....then smiled cheekily “Can we get on with today instead of measuring my breasts!” Frida said standing up and walking away


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