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Well, apologies for not writing, but, first one, so...enjoy? (Apologies if it sucks).

Title: Ice-Skating
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slight femslash if you squint...and cock your head to side...and if there's a full moon
Timeline: 1979
Summary: Frida tries to teach Agnetha how to ice-skate.

"Are you sure this is safe?"

"Oh, for God's sake, Agnetha, it isn't that hard! Haven't you even been ice-skating?" Agnetha shook her head. "Really? I would've expected you of all people would have...seeing as Jonkoping was so close to that lake..."

"It doesn't freeze in the winter," the blonde corrected the redhead. Frida rolled her eyes.
"Well, never mind. You're going to learn now, dammit!" Frida said, dragging Agnetha out onto the ice. The blonde shrieked, and grabbed the redhead tightly, practically in a death grip. "Agnetha, don't panic. Watch. Step, step, glide. Step, step, glide. Step, step, glide. See, not so hard is it? Now, you try." Agnetha did.

"Step, step, glide. Step, step--whoa!" The blonde fell backward, landing on her rear. Frida sighed, and skated over to her.

"Just skate with me for now," the redhead said, pulling the blonde up. "Just do the movements with me. Step, step. Glide, now repeat. Ready, blondie?"

"Just don't let go of my hand," Agnetha told Frida, following her instructions. Frida rolled her eyes, but gripped Agnetha's hand tightly, to show she was listening. The two started skating, Agnetha wobbling, Frida as graceful as ever. Agnetha was glad for Frida's hand. For one thing, it helped her keep her balance, and...well...she liked the feel of it. It had been a while since someone had held her hand, and it felt good. Perhaps it was just because Bjorn hadn't held it all of the last year? Yes, that simply must be it.

Then Agnetha slipped and fell backward again, this time pulling Frida down on top of her. The blonde looked at the redhead with a sheepish grin on her face. "Well," she said, "this is a compromising position."

"You better believe it is," Frida muttered. "Blondie, if you fall every time we skate, I won't do this with you anymore."

"You're the one that forced me to do it!" Agnetha protested. "Besides, what if we always end up in...this position?" Frida looked away, but the blush on her cheeks was unmistakable.

"I'd consider it," Frida replied. "Now, do you want to try again, or do I have to take you home?"

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