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My first public fanfic about ABBA :)

Title: If You Want Me To
Rating: ...Adult ideas? So, 13+
Warnings: it gets a bit heated, but it's not the full story.
Timeline: June 1976
Summary: Agnetha asks Björn about his lyrics, and guess what she finds out.
(it's in Agnetha's point of view)

I never really asked Björn about the lyrics to our songs, but something just had to come out. It was about two o'clock in the afternoon, on some day in June, in 1976. Björn was sitting in the living room watching a football match between Djurgården IF and Malmö FF. The game was on overtime when I went to lay Linda down for a nap.
When I came back, the game's highlights were flashing on the screen before Björn and me. I figured the game was over, and so I decided to have a talk with Björn. I looked at him, not knowing what to start saying. I was always at a loss for words when it came to Björn.
"Björn, are you busy?" I then thought, nice start, genius. He glanced at me and answered,
"No, Agnetha, what is it?" I breathed heavily and walked closer to where he was sitting. The first thing that came to mind was our song, "Rock Me"; that's when I asked,
"Björn, in our song "Rock Me", what did you mean when you put, 'Nice and gentle if you want me to'?" He looked at me with a demeanor mixed between confusion, that funny, serious, face that a child makes when you talk about sex, but it quickly changed to a smile. I supposed it was for respect out of the flurried blonde in front of him.
"What I meant, honey, was that I like to be nice and gentle with my girl because I love her." Then, there was this awkward silence because I wasn't honestly looking for that type of answer.
"Well, Björn, I didn't expect an answer so sweet." I sat to straddle him; my thighs wrapped around his lap, and I rested my hands on his shoulders.
"What did you get out of it? Obviously, something a bit more risqué." He kissed my lips and I went on,
"Honestly, if you must know, I believed that you would only be nice and gentle if I wanted you to be." He raised an eyebrow. I felt his hands wrap around my waist.
 "So basically, you're saying if you don't specify, I guess I'm going to have to be pretty rough on you in bed." My eyes involuntarily widened to his condition.
"But Björn, I don't know if I can handle such a talented, and not to mention, big, man like you." I lowered my left arm to tug playfully at his shirt.
"Oh, you have before, Agnetha." He said in an a-matter-of-factly voice. I quickly bit back,
"Not as hard as you're implying..." I kissed his mouth back and sighed...


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