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Well. I haven't been very responsible, have I? School's been weighing down on me.

I feel like... this has turned rather cheesy.

Title: Are You Lonely?
Rating: PG
Warning: Femslash
Timeline: 2010
Summary: They were both lonely, so why not be lonely together?

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Hi Everyone :]

I just found this community and I am SO glad I did. I've read most of your Fics already and they are brilliant!
I hope to post something here soon, but until then I just wanted to say Hi xD
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The last posting of the decade.........eep! Well, hope you all enjoy, and the only thing left for me to say is: "Happy New Year, happy new year, may we all have a vision now and then of a world where every neighbour is a friend!"

Title: Always There
Rating: PG
Timeframe: 1981/1982
Warnings: A bit femmeslashy but nothing very major
Summary: Frida muses on the changes the years have brought

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Frida's B-day is tomorrow. But B-day fics are so overused and worn out that I don't know what to write.

Anyway, pittypanna is a typical swedish dish made of bits of meat and vegetables. Wikipedia it for details. You know what mustard is, but I have to say, it's really nasty.

I forgot to say this before, but I'd just like to point out that English is not my mother tongue, so don't be surprised if you think my writing is awkward.

And g'night. :P

Title: Pyttipanna and Mustard
Rating: R
Warnings: Femslash, steamy scene, a little bit kinky, I think(no it's not sex)
Summary: Agnetha's cooking sucks, but Frida somehow makes it taste better.

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Title: Eagle
Rating: U
Warnings: None really. Maybe very slight femslash if you squint.
Note: Born of listening to Eagle one time too many. Tried to work it so that it can be read from the point of view of Agnetha or Frida - not entirely sure how well that worked.
Summary: And I dream I'm an eagle. And I dream I can spread my wings.

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Apologies for the delay.

Title: Warm and Fluffy
Rating: G
Warnings: Nothing unless you have something against femslash 
Summary: Agnetha is cold. Maybe that big fur coat of Frida's can help. Takes place during the shooting of the music video for Knowing Me, Knowing You.

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I am doing a live fic with my friend Flo fbrobey . For those of you who don't know what a live fic is; a live fic is when two people write a fic using Yahoo, Msn, AIM me and fbrobey have used Yahoo. It is a cross over of Greg Proops meets ABBA  i hope you enjoy it :-)

Title: Am I Pretty?
Characters: Abba and Greg
Summary: read and see
Warnings: none :D
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Agnetha/Greg and Greg/Frida

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